About Puplords

Puplords started in 2019, with the intention of developing a healthy "pet version", of most bakery products, from across the globe, to India. Our aim was to include your pets, in all celebrations, by offering a healthy version of cakes, that are not only safe to consume, but also good for them. Our cakes are freshly baked, and we offer a wide range of products like cakes, cupcakes, donuts, cakesickles, French eclairs, Italian cannolis and much more. All our products are made in our central kitchen, located in Andheri - Lokhandwala, with utmost hygiene, care, precision & love.

Our pawtisserie, caters to customers wanting personalised cakes for pet birthdays, party favours, weddings (can you believe it?), puppy showers, & many other celebrations.

Our clientele range from Bollywood celebrities, industrialists, & even political families. With a dream team that is focused on product development, creativity and customer satisfaction, we cannot wait to be part of all your joyous moments.

Who is this woman? Dudess, myth or a mega pet baker?

Hello everyone, welcome to my world, I am Gaargi Prehar, the founder of a cute little bakery called Puplord’s Barkery.

  • Before baking for dogs and cats, I was associated with luxury brands and have lived in 6 countries
  • I am an avid traveller and love trying out local bakery products from different countries and making a pet version of the same
  • I suck at baking for humans and have zero motivation to assimilate
  • I firmly believe that there is a room for EVERYONE
  • I am obsessed with the color pink and every single dog